Mini-Baabaa Gets A Haircut Book & Toy Set

Mini-Baabaa Gets A Haircut Book & Toy Set

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Written by Renske Carbone, ”Mini-Baabaa Gets A Haircut" is a delightful hardcover storybook, depicting the story of a little lamb making its way into the world.

This book will resonate with city slickers as well as country people. 

The book comes with a sweet Mini-Baabaa toy with a woolly coat that comes off and a vest to put on. Toys are made of 100% felted wool. Children and carers alike will have fun acting out and following along the farm animals adventure.

Designed in Australia and the toys are handmade certified Fair Trade in Nepal.

Mini-Baabaa Gets A Haircut is one of the six stories in Farmer Fred’s Farm Series. 


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