Magic Shell
Magic Shell

Magic Shell

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The Magic Shell from Goki is loads of fun. Grab a clear vase, take off the paper wrap and place the seashell inside. Gently fill the vase with water and watch the real coral unfold from the shell. Which one to choose? Red, green, blue or yellow... perhaps all four? They are a unique room display but add an element of fun to mermaid or pirate games or use them in a big tub while playing your favourite fishing game. They are also cool for sensory textures and colours - they feel and look amazing!

Diameter 4cm
Suitable for 3 years+
Instructions for use: Remove the outer paper label strip and place the shell carefully into a glass of water. Watch and wait for the magic to happen! After a while, the shell will start to open, and a real sea coral will unfold (Latin name: "Sertularia Cupressina").  This is a splendid eye-catcher, especially when placed inside a decorative glass jar or vase. The coral is bright and colourful and can be used in both salt or freshwater aquariums. The fully unfolded height ranges between 10-15cm, so your glass/vase should not be too small in order for the coral to unfold freely. Changing the water every now and then will help your magic shell last for several months!
All Goki products are designed in Germany and manufactured to strict quality and safety standards, meeting both European and Australian requirements.

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