3 Little Cars Monochrome

3 Little Cars Monochrome

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These cars work quite well off-road and are suitable for rides in the countryside. Vehicles don´t need a full car wash after that, but can easily be cleaned with a wet towel. Great even for small children, they will make an awesome companion throughout childhood. Grimm's monochrome toys are designed with maximum reduction in both colour and form. The high contrast in colour, as well as textured surfaces of the monochrome series of toys, helps to develop individual needs. Children with visual impairment will be motivated to discover the world around them by discerning a more visible world. These multisensory toys with simple forms and high contrast colouring will aid in the development and stimulation of specific senses.

Materials: lime wood, non-toxic water-based colour stain.

Size: length 10cm.

Age group: From 12 months


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