waytoplay Highway Set 24 Pieces
waytoplay Highway Set 24 Pieces

waytoplay Highway Set 24 Pieces

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waytoplay is a flexible motorway which consists of easy-to-connect road parts. With waytoplay you can play on almost any surface such as carpet, table, grass, rocks, sand on the beach or even on the snow. The flexible design allows for play uphill, downhill and over thresholds. waytoplay can be combined with lots of other toys and stimulates children's creativity and imagination.

Your children can build their own routes, set up a race track for their cars or just drive their favourite vehicles from room to room.  You can also add and expand your road by purchasing additional sets or parts so the waytoplay motorway possibilities are endless, exactly like your children's imagination.

The waytoplay Highway Set contains a full box with 24 road parts with maximum versatility. The set has twelve curves, eight straights, two crossings and two roundabouts.

This road set measures 376 cm in length.

Age group: all ages


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