Enchantmints products are full of beauty, whimsy, and goodness. You’ll find nary a pirate or superhero here.  Owned and run by Marke Levine, former Waldorf Teacher in the USA, and his daughter Eowyn.

Each Enchantmints piece begins with all-original watercolour art – often from the wonderful children's illustrator, Denise Marshall, and are specifically created with children’s well-being in mind.

Enchantmints Music boxes (not mini) are made from the highest quality MDF made from sustainable New Zealand timber which is mixed with wax and resin, and reformed into strong, durable construction material. MDF allows for very exact compositions and is durable and pleasing to the touch. It’s much finer than plywood and far more durable than fiberboard. The MDF is laminated with high-quality printed paper, which features our beautiful designs.

Enchantmints products are made in China by a world leader in music box production for the past 40 years. Marke has a long relationship with the owners and has visited the factory many times over the years. All people working in the factory are properly compensated and treated with dignity. The factory and the products adhere strictly to all safety regulations. They meet and exceed all of the highest standards.

Enchantmints was founded on the belief that art is vital for life and essential for growing children. A meaningful portion of Enchantmints profits is donated towards nurturing the performing arts.

When you choose Enchantmints, you know you are bringing all good things into your little one’s life.  Their products are designed to nurture the imagination, creativity, gentleness, kindness, enthusiasm, and a love of nature.