"Bauspiel" meaning Building Game is a German manufacturer of wooden toys known for their high quality and excellent workmanship. All timber edges are polished and are mostly rounded, thus are pleasant to touch, while colours are vibrant. All Bauspiel wooden products are made from European timber, mainly Beech, Alder and Linden. The colour dyes use comply with EU standard 71 thus are safe and non-toxic.

All Bauspiel wooden toys are ideal both for play and educational purposes. The different geometrical shapes of Bauspiel products allow children to learn playfully while they construct, build and stack. While open-ended, most of Bauspiel elements are interestingly designed to fit complement other products in the range, thus further encouraging imagination, curiosity and creativity.

Popular sparkly blocks from the Bauspiel Range will be available at My Cubby Hauz from Spring.
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